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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Shows Like Teen Wolf - (Being a Teen Wolf Fan Myself)

Shows Like Teen Wolf?

Looking for Shows Like Teen Wolf?

I got you covered...

Being a Teen Wolf fan myself, I'm going to share today the shows I LOVE watching after Teen Wolf Seasons are gone!

These are some of the TV Shows I am watching and also recommend others to do the same. These are absolutely the same as Teen Wolf.

Shows Like Teen Wolf | Share Yours in Comments!

Here are some of the TV shows like Teen Wolf that I LOVE or loved watching! ;)

1. Fear the Walking Dead

Shows Like Teen Wolf - Fear the Walking Dead

This is a show I came to across when I was doing some research about the Original Walking Dead series. I thought "Fear the Walking Dead" was same as "The Walking Dead", but, I was wrong. These both are different series and are both worth watching.

I'm, right now, watching Fear the Walking Dead and Teen Wolf, because Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 1 just got live. I don't know how many episodes are gonna be aired in this season. But, oh well, let's enjoy every episode we get! :)

2. Flash

Shows Like Teen Wolf - Flash

Flash is also what I loved watching. But after the season 1, in season 2, they're GOD knows doing what to ruin the show. I don't really feel very good and excited watching the new episodes. Same thing happened with the Arrow show. I lost interest in that too, after seeing some new episodes.

3. Ash vs Evil Dead

Shows Like Teen Wolf - Ash vs Evil Dead

This one is really cool.

After watching season 1 of Ash vs Evil Dead, I immediately downloaded its old movies and watched those as well.

You'll do the same, trust me! ;)

4. Wrecked

Shows Like Teen Wolf - Wrecked

I LOVE entertaining TV shows too. So this one is also recommended for you. You may not like it, but give it a try, it's worth it, I think! :)

5. Stranger Things

Shows Like Teen Wolf - Stranger Things

GOD, stranger things!

This one is just like Teen Wolf and Ash vs Evil Dead. :)

As the name suggests, strange things are going to happen in this show! 

This was the 5th recommendation from my side.

If you're interested in more, please comment below your favorite ones. And I'll update the article with more of my favorite series, and even movies! :) If you're interested in movies too!


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