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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The Glassworker - 1st Pakistani Hand-Drawn Anime Movie!

The Glassworker

The Glassworker is Pakistan's First Ever FULLY Hand-Drawn Anime/Animated Movie.

The Glassworker

I LOVE watching anime movies this is why I'm excited for this one. And also because I'm from Pakistan and this is going to be the first ever anime from Pakistan that I'm going to watch.

I'm SURE this movie is going to be the same or possibly of BETTER quality than the Ghibli Studio movies!

It's written and directed by Usman Riaz. The duration of the movie is going to be 40-50 minutes.

So, I am really pumped and excited for the movie. What about you? Let me and other visitors know what are YOUR views and expectations from this movie. 

Official Video


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